VCU Code of Conduct

For your convenience, an a print-friendly accessible version of the Code is available here.

VCU’s Code of Conduct expresses our values, ethical principles and our commitment to doing the right thing. The Code highlights some of the laws, regulations, universitywide policies and ethical standards everyone is expected to follow. Our actions shape the public's view of VCU, which is why it is so important that we each take responsibility to act ethically in all situations.

Additionally, the Code of Conduct helps us to identify potential issues, lists resources where we can find more information and outlines our reporting options when we have a concern. It also serves as a reminder to treat others with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Our Code is part of the universitywide Ethics and Compliance Program, supported by the Board of Visitors, the president and senior leadership. The Integrity and Compliance Office oversees the Ethics and Compliance Program with the support of the Compliance Advisory Committee.

Code of Conduct 2.0 in Development

We are working to revise and enhance the VCU Code of Conduct by updating topics, adding resources and giving the Code a fresh look based on the new Brand Standards 2.11. We would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions as to:

  • What you like about the draft Code?
  • What you think needs to be changed?
  • What type of supplementary resources would be the most useful/helpful to you?

Accordingly, we held feedback sessions to gather this input:

  • April 24 from 10am-11am in the University Student Commons, Forum Room
  • May 2 from 3pm-4pm in Larrick Student Center, Jackson Ward Room A & B

If you were not able to join us to share your comments on the DRAFT VCU Code of Conduct 2.0, please reach out to us at ucompliance@vcu.edu.


Frequently asked questions

Who must follow our Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct applies to all employees. This includes the president, senior leadership, faculty, classified staff, hourly staff and student employees.

Student expectations are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

Does our Code of Conduct include all laws, policies and values I should know?
Our Code of Conduct summarizes many of VCU's expectations of how we conduct university business, but it does not cover every law, regulation or policy that applies to your work. It is your responsibility to know, understand and follow the rules that apply to your job.

Additionally, VCU departments/offices/schools may have more specific guidance on the topics discussed in our Code of Conduct. You can find much of that guidance on the respective area's website.