Ethical decision-making

While both personal and business ethics may be defined in many different ways, the goal is always aimed at doing the right thing with roots in emphasizing truth, justice and fairness. Here at VCU, business ethics include the consideration of how your decisions impact your colleagues, the university and the public at large. Those in leadership positions have the additional responsibilities of setting clear expectations, leading by example and promoting a culture where employees feel comfortable asking clarifying questions and raising concerns.

Ethics is a component of every action or choice made in the workplace. Thus, all business decisions are in fact ethical decisions. Every choice we make in the workplace should reflect the expected behaviors outlined in our Ethical Standards contained within the VCU Code of Conduct.

The decision tree below provides a practical framework to assist in evaluating business decisions or actions. This guidance can help prevent misconduct and safeguard the collective reputations of the university and its employees.

Click here to download the Ethical Decision-Making Tree.