Compliance Investigations

All reports, related to university business, made to the Integrity & Compliance Office (ICO) are initially researched for veracity by an internal, fact based, preliminary investigative process. This process may involve other departments at the university. The preliminary process occurs before a commitment to a formal investigation is made.

When appropriate, the investigative process is furthered in order to assess if misconduct exists or policies were violated and what corrective action must be taken. At the conclusion of every investigation, a final determination is reached and conveyed to appropriate senior leadership. Every effort is made to protect reporter’s confidentiality when bringing forth a good faith concern.

All reports must be made in good faith and are protected from retaliation by the Duty to Report and Protection from Retaliation policy, and state and federal whistleblower protections.

Cooperation from all departments and/or schools is expected and in some cases, concerns reported to the ICO are better investigated by the content area experts in specific departments and/or schools.

Crimes are reported to VCU Police and the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office.

Questions about this process may be directed to the University Integrity & Compliance Officer at 828-2336.