Reporting concerns

Each university member is expected to report actual or suspected violations of laws, regulations, VCU policies and procedures or other misconduct. Management has a special duty to recognize and report violations.

*Crimes should be reported to VCU Police at 828-1234 or through the web-based crime reporting form*

*Serious employee injuries, non-employee incidents and damage to VCU property should be reported via Safety and Risk Management's Timely Reporting page.

When you have concerns, you have options:

  • You may report violations or concerns to your immediate supervisor or department head, if appropriate. Review the Practical_Guide_to_Speaking_Up to help prepare for your conversation.
  • You may call the individual responsible for the related compliance area, if appropriate. Please see the Compliance Advisory Committee section of this site for specific information.
  • You may contact the Office of the Ombudsperson at 804-827-4357 for confidential and informal dispute resolution processes.
  • You may call the VCU Helpline at 1-888-242-6022, or log a report online at Both of these options are anonymous and confidential, and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Call +1-(720)-514-4400 from Qatar to make a reverse charge/collect call. Give the name "VCU" instead of your name for anonymity.
  • You may call or email the ICO directly at (804) 828-2336 or
  • You may call Virginia’s State Employee Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline available Mon-Fri 8:15am-5pm at 1-800-723-1615 or

These options are available to all employees, no matter your role or length of service at VCU (including employees in their probationary period). For an overview of the process for handling concerns, please review the ICO Handling of Reported Concerns Flowchart.

Additional Reporting Options & Resources:

Animal Welfare Concerns

In an emergency, contact a staff veterinarian at DAR immediately (828-9837) or the Attending Veterinarian (827-0485).

Concerns about the welfare of animals used for research, testing, teaching or training purposes can be reported to the Division of Animal Resources at or IACUC Office at

Additional information is available on the Office of Research and Innovation's Animal Resources website.


Emergency situations should be reported immediately to VCU Police at 828-1234 or 9-1-1.

Suspicious activity or crimes may be reported:

Data Breaches/Confidentiality and Information Management Issues

If you believe that someone without authorization may have accessed electronic files or records, immediately report the incident to the IT Support Center or the Office of Information Security.

Data and information management issues can be reported to DIMC (Data and Information Management Committee) at


Discrimination Based on Protected Class

Discrimination is the process of illegally treating people differently on the basis of protected class rather than on individual merit. This type of behavior may lead to a workplace environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating or abusive. Harassment based on protected class is also a form of discrimination. 

If you feel that you are being discriminated against, you have options for support and resolution:

Disability/Accessibility Issues

To report a campus or online accessibility issue, complete the Campus Accessibility Concern form and contact the ADA coordinator at 

Employee Relations
VCU’s Human Resource Employee Relations office provides confidential assistance to all employees to help resolve work-related problems. Arrangements may be made to meet with a specialist in an accessible location on either campus. Information and guidelines are designed to aid in areas ranging from counseling and mediation to policies or assessments. Contact Employee Relations to learn more.
Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • You may report violations or concerns to your immediate supervisor or department head, if appropriate.
  • You may call the VCU Helpline at 1-888-242-6022, or log a report online at Both options provide university members an anonymous and confidential reporting option 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You may call or email Audit and Compliance Services directly at 828-2336.
  • You may call Virginia's State Employee Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline available Mon-Fri 8:15am-5pm at 1-800-723-1615, through the OSIG's online reporting form or by email at
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)/Legal Requests

The university must respond within a specified time to these inquiries. For this reason, if you receive a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, you must notify University Public Affairs by calling 828-1231 or emailing

For subpoenas, lawsuits and other legal requests, immediately contact the Office of University Counsel by calling 828-6610 to ensure a timely response.

Government Inquiries and Reviews

If a government official asks you to provide non-routine information or participate in an unannounced inspection:

  1. Do not begin searching for or copying documents, or taking any other action
  2. Immediately contact the Integrity and Compliance Office or the Office of University Counsel
Gender/Sexual Harassment or Sexual Misconduct

VCU is dedicated to creating a community that encourages the reporting of all incidents of prohibited conduct, and the prompt and fair resolution of complaints, in order to foster an environment of mutual trust and respect.

For additional details, please see the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy - Interim and the concurrent Sex-Based Misconduct Policy - Interim.

Immediately notify the university of possible sexual misconduct or gender/sexual harassment by contacting:

  • Malorie Yeaman, Title IX Coordinator, 828-1347 or
    • Reuban Rodriguez, deputy Title IX Coordinator for students, 828-8941 or
    • Cathleen C. Burke, deputy Title IX Coordinator for employees, 828-3248 or
    • Sofia A. Hiort-Wright, deputy Title IX Coordinator for athletics, 828-2184 or
  • VCU Police 828-1234 (emergencies); 828-1196 (non-emergencies)

You may also report online using the Title IX and Sex-Based Misconduct incident reporting form located on the Equity and Access Services Title IX website.

Research Misconduct

Research is an integral and essential component of our mission. University members who are involved in research activities are expected to understand and follow all relevant laws, regulations and policies.

Misconduct in research and scholarly activities violates our ethical standards. Anyone who becomes aware of a possible incident of research misconduct by a member of the university must immediately notify the Research Integrity Officer in the Office of Research and Innovation at 827-2157.

Suspected Child/Adult Abuse or Neglect

Suspected Child/Adult Abuse or Neglect:  All persons employed by VCU, who suspect child abuse or neglect in their professional or official capacity, are to report as soon as possible, but not longer than 24 hours after having reason to suspect a reportable offense. To learn more about your responsibility to report, select this link.

Threats or Threatening Behavior

Emergency situations should be reported immediately to VCU Police at 828-1234 or 9-1-1.

Potentially violent situations and incidents of concern involving any university community member may be reported through an online Incident Reporting Form located at If you are unsure whether or not to make a referral, consult the Common Indicators of Concern list.

For information on assisting distressed students, visit

Workplace Injuries/Accidents

All accidents and injuries must be reported to your supervisor at the time of the incident.

An Accident Report of Worker's Compensation form must be completed by the employee and their supervisor. The form is then forwarded to Employee Health Services for review within 24 hours. It is important for all accidents, no matter how slight, to be reported and that the form to be filled out completely. This ensures that all potential hazards are identified and that the information is available for trend analysis.

Questions about worker's compensation should be directed to Human Resources. Assistance with accident investigations is available from Safety and Risk Management

Additionally, injuries resulting in death, hospitalization, amputation or loss of an eye must be reported as soon as possible (within hours) to the Occupational Safety Manager ( to meet Virginia Occupational Safety and Health requirements. An online Serious Employee Injury form is also available.



Examples of violations that should be reported include suspected or actual:

  • Cases of fraud, waste or abuse
  • Violations of governmental regulations
  • Violations of ethics
  • Violations of VCU policies and procedures

All reports must be made in good faith and are protected from retaliation by the Duty to Report and Protection from Retaliation policy, and state and federal whistleblower protections.

Reports made to the Helpline are handled and investigated by the Integrity & Compliance Office, with assistance from other areas as needed.