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Ensuring compliance in an ever changing landscape of federal and state laws and regulations is a major concern for organizations, including higher education institutions. Developing a plan to systematically translate obligations into appropriate action and compliance by the responsible institutional departments requires sustained commitment at the highest levels. What do you get for this devotion of resources?

The most significant benefits of a university ethics and compliance program are the following:

  • Furthering a university culture that does not permit or promote illegal or actionable behavior and prompts university members to consider the potentially adverse legal consequences of certain misconduct.
  • Increasing the likelihood of early detection if potentially illegal or actionable conduct does occur, thus creating the opportunity to correct or self-report as required.
  • Serving as a basis to persuade governmental authorities to decline prosecution or the initiation of a civil or regulatory action.
  • Potentially reducing penalties or fines assessed and avoiding the imposition of a government-mandated Corporate Integrity Agreement if misconduct does occur.


The Integrity and Compliance Office (ICO) helps to ensure VCU has an effective Ethics and Compliance Program by establishing standards and conducting education, outreach, monitoring, auditing and investigation activities to prevent, detect, and resolve noncompliance. Our advisory services and resources are available to all departments.

Assisting VCU with achieving its financial, operational and strategic goals while maintaining compliance with all associated laws and regulations is the goal of the ICO. The ICO Team is available to you as a resource for any inquiry or concern you may have.

University members and affiliates are encouraged to explore this site to better understand our function.