Accountability Matrix

The list below is not all inclusive and is currently under construction. For questions, please call 828-2336 or email ucompliance@vcu.edu.

For additional informatiom related to regulations affecting university operations, please explore the Higher Education Compliance Alliance Regulatory Compliance Matrix. This matrix can be sorted by topic or deadline.


Compliance AreaIssues Represented 
Access/Disability Issues Facility Accessibility

Equal Access to Employment

Identification of Eligible Employees
Workplace Accommodations

Required Record Keeping

Identification of Eligible Students
Student Accommodations

Equal Student Access to Education Opportunities 
Animal Subjects Research Animal Welfare

IACUC Operations
Animal Protocols

Controlled Substances (in animal research)
Athletics Recruiting


Financial Aid

Extra Benefits

Camps & Clinics

Academic Integrity and Misconduct

Institution Control
Athletics Personnel

Playing Season
Chemical/Biological Safety  Select Agents & Toxins

Chemical Management

Biological Safety
 Air Quality

Artificial Gene Transfer

IBC Operations & Record Keeping
 Export Controlled Materials

Recombinant DNA

Controlled Substances
Copyright Granting Permissions

Protecting University Rights
Internet File Sharing

University License Agreements
Obtaining Permissions

Required Oversight/Notices
Development and Alumni Relations Mandatory Record Keeping

Cash Handling
Data Access and Security

Financial Reporting
Federal Compliance (IRS)

Audit Controls (FASB)
Dining Services Food Acquisition

Food Storage
Food Handling

Staffing Controls
 Required Certifications & Licenses
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Retaliation

Consensual Relations

Discrimination in Student Matters
Hostile Work Environment

Discrimination in Employment (Title VII)
Compliant Handling

Record Keeping & Reporting Obligations

Financial Aid

Institutional Eligibility Student Eligibility Awards & Disbursements

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Cost Accounting
Fixed Assets

Fringe Benefits
General Accounting

Fire & Occupational Safety  Building & Fire Codes

Workers' Comp

General VOSH Issues
 Emergency Response
Gender Equity (Title IX)  Compliance with Title IX Requirements



Grants and Contracts

Post-Award Requirements

Effort Reporting

Cost Sharing

Allowable Costs


Record Retention

Financial Reporting

Cash Management

Indirect Cost

Human Resources Classification & Compensation

Personnel Transactions


Employee Health
Employee Relations

Training & Development
Human Subjects Research Identification of Covered Research

Approvals & Certification
Protocol Review

IRB Operations

Adverse Event & Other Reporting

Subject Recruiting & Informed Consent
Immigration (Taxes & SEVIS) Student Visa Regulations SEVIS Reporting Obligations Employee Visa Obligations
Information Technology Security  Information Security (for Hardcopy and Electronic Materials)  Banner and Blackboard Security



Procurement and Payment


Procurement of Goods, Services & Construction

Accounts Payable


Purchase & Travel Cards

Public Safety/Police


Crime Prevention

Campus Safety

Internet Crime

Radiation Safety

Radioactive Materials

Radiation Producing Devices

Laser Safety

 EM Safety

Waste Management

Hazmat Requirements

Employee's Right to Know Statement

Radiation Safety

Lab Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Real Estate


 Real Estate Acquisitions & Leases  Property & Liability Insurance  Management of Real Estate Holdings
Records Management

Student Records


Record Retention and Destruction Training

Reported Concerns Workplace Related Misconduct Policy Violations Ethical Standards Violations
Research Animal Research Required Training

Conflict of Interest

Required Monitoring, Review & Oversight Human Subjects Research Required Training
Sponsored Programs Sponsored Awards

Subrecipient Awards
Pre-Award Requirements

Performance Reporting
Export Controls

Committed Effort Reporting

State Conflict of Interest Process


Institutional Conflicts

Oversight & Monitoring
Committee Operations

Required Record Keeping

Student Accounting

Student Tuition and Fee Assessment Student Billing and Collection Refunding
Study/Research/Teaching Abroad Liability Waivers

Contracting State Department Requirements for International Employees International Campuses
Technology Services

Computer Use


Web Publishing




Records Management

IT Project Management

Technology Transfer


Invention Disclosure




Contract Performance


Treasury Services Collections


Debt & Investments

Loan Management

Gifts of Stock for Foundations

Workplace Safety


Workplace Violence & Threat Assessment

Drugs & Alcohol Violations

Weapons Violations