Compliance Advisory Committee

Every university member is charged with maintaining compliant behavior and meeting expectations. Some university members have compliance responsibilities formally required by their position descriptions and, therefore, have joined the Compliance Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC members in these highly specialized areas, with highly specialized compliance functions, give direction and assistance to the university community. These compliance partners all contribute to ensuring VCU has an effective compliance program and facilitate initiatives and activities that promote a culture of compliance. The CAC meets bi-monthly to collaborate on compliance related matters at VCU and to discuss relevant national trends specific to their areas. Administratively, these members report to various members of senior management.

CAC Member Duties Include:

  • Tracking governmental regulations affecting their areas
  • Developing and implementing compliance policies for the university
  • Providing compliance training and education to the university community
  • Addressing and resolving compliance issues that arise, including implementing corrective action plans
  • Being prepared for, and participating in, internal and external audits and investigations

Currently the CAC is undergoing the process of creating and implementing a university-wide compliance plan.

Questions regarding this group should be directed to the University Integrity & Compliance Officer, Jacqueline Kniska, at jkniska@vcu.edu

Click here to view the Accountability Matrix. The Matrix contains a list of departments/offices and the compliance issues each of these areas represent.


Jacqueline L. Kniska (Chair)
university chief integrity and compliance officer, Integrity and Compliance Office
Audit and Compliance Services

Brenda Alexander
employee relations and compliance specialist
Human Resources

Craig A. Anderson
deputy director, university audit and management services
Audit and Compliance Services

Robert Andrews
Faculty Senate

Paul Babitts
associate director, international student and scholar programs
Global Education Office

Linda Birtley
director, academic program review and accreditation
Office of the Provost

Tom Briggs
assistant vice president 
Safety and Risk Management

Trescinda L. Cull
director, budgets and financial reporting
Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences

treasurer and director of treasury and foundation services
Business Services and Treasurer’s Office

Angela M. Davis
internal control coordinator and financial manager, financial reporting
University Controller’s Office

Jaycee L. Dempsey
senior integrity and compliance analyst, Integrity and Compliance Office
Audit and Compliance Services

Nick Fetzer
Staff Senate

Ashley L. Greene
senior integrity and compliance analyst, Integrity and Compliance Office
Audit and Compliance Services

Bernard Hamm
university registrar
Division of Strategic Enrollment Management

Dan Han
information security officer
Technology Services

Anjour B. Harris
assistant vice provost for strategic enrollment management
Division of Strategic Enrollment Management

Kevin Harris
associate vice president for academic health sciences
Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences

Heidi M. Jack
executive director, academic finance and administration
Office of the Provost

Sarah Johns – Ad Hoc Member
associate university counsel
Office of University Counsel

William King 
university ombudsperson
Office of the Ombudsperson

David M. Litton
director, audit and management services, university and VCUHS
Audit and Compliance Services

Monika S. Markowitz
director, research integrity and ethics
Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

David Mattox
director, insurance and risk management 
Safety and Risk Management

Melissa McKean
associate director, compliance and reporting 
Office of Financial Aid

Paula L. McMahon
ADA coordinator
Equity and Access Services

Justin Moses
associate vice provost for student conduct and policy development 
Division of Student Affairs

Kathleen Nugent
assistant director, contracts and policy
Procurement Services

Kasey Odom
division administrative coordinator
University Relations

Jonathan A. Palumbo
deputy director of athletics
Athletics Office

Patricia Perkins
assistant vice president for finance and university controller
Controller's Office

Kendall W. Plageman
assistant dean and university safety case manager
Division of Student Affairs

Michael Porter
associate vice president for public affairs 
University Relations

Anthony Rapchick
senior university compliance and policy specialist, Integrity and Compliance Office
Audit and Compliance Services

Susan E. Robb
senior associate vice president for research administration and compliance
Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

Mark E. Roberts
Grants and Contracts and Effort Reporting

Laura Rugless
Equity and Access Services

Kathleen Shaw
vice provost for planning and decision support
Office of the Provost

Rich Sliwoski
interim associate vice president
Facilities Management

Noah Strebler
associate athletic director for compliance and student services
Athletics Office

Mary Beth Taormina
interim director, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Safety and Risk Management

Rebecca Westfall
performance management coordinator
VCU Police

John A. Venuti
chief of police
VCU Police

Marc Vernon
executive director
Office of Financial Aid

Tricia Zeh
director, finance and administration
School of Medicine